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Comment: George S. Boutwell & I were charter member Anti-Imperialists.

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George S. Boutwell & I were charter member Anti-Imperialists.

THE GREAT AMERICAN WRITER, MARK TWAIN had a great deal to say on imperialism in the Caribbean. As a member of the Anti-Imperialist League, along with such notables as Jane Addams, William Jennings Bryan, Clarence S. Darrow, Andrew Carnegie, William James, David Starr Jordan and Samuel Gompers with George S. Boutwell, former secretary of the Treasury and Massachusetts, as its president, spoke vociferously against our adventurism in that arena.

Here is just one sample of his writings on the subject. It was published in the New York Herald on October 15, 1900. He was writing about the Philippines, but it takes little imagination to substitute the name "Puerto Rico". I would go so far as to say with confidence that Twain would heartily endorse that exchange as it fits the context, the geography and the spirit of his words.

Mark Twain on Imperialism

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