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Comment: Transcribed the last commentary by Lew for your sharing pleasure

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Transcribed the last commentary by Lew for your sharing pleasure

“This is the attitude we all have to have. First of all, this is how we start. We’re walking along the street, and some guy comes up and shoves a gun in your rib and says, ‘Give me your wallet.’ Maybe you’re going to give your wallet, but you’re not going to give him your consent. You’re going to realize you were robbed. That’s the government.

So, you don’t say, ‘Oh, thank you Sir for protecting the public good and the common defense and everything by taking my money.’ Too many Americans have that attitude towards the government. The government is our enemy. It’s a parasite. It’s not doing us any good. It’s doing us immense harm. It’s doing immense harm to the whole world…the US Government, the biggest, richest, most powerful government ever to exist.

So first of all we have to have the attitude that God created us free , and that in effect government is serving Satan by taking away our freedom. So that’s the nature of the struggle.

Again you have to know something about economics. You have to know something about American history. You have to know something about political philosophy and libertarianism and so forth, to arm yourself intellectually and help arm other people intellectually. This has to be an intellectual fight because they’ve got most of the guns. They’ve got the tanks. They’ve got the atomic bombs. We can’t fight them that way.

We are the majority, the people who are the ripped-off. There are far more of us than the rippers-off. So, we can fight them.

First do not give them consent. Educate yourself. Talk to your neighbors. Stir up trouble in an intellectual sense by telling people the truth of the situation. Pay no attention to the networks or the big newspapers. They’re all of course big liars. Big academia, big business, they’re liars.” – Lew Rockwell

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!