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Comment: I don't think they even go that far

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I don't think they even go that far

I don't know that they say Ron Paul is a great guy. They say he's a kook. Maybe they'll agree w/ some of his fiscal conservatism but these guys are the propaganda arm of the government and thus need to promote military spending. They're there to paint Dr. Paul as an unelectable fool who is trying to bring the country back to the stone age economically (gold standard, no fed) while, in the process, leaving up wide open for a military strike against us. It's a strong case of psy-ops. The average Joe out there probably doesn't know any better, nor has heard the truth from the media or teachers and probably doesn't have time to look up alternative media. That's also part of having a bad economy with a weak dollar. People do everything possible just to get by. They don't have the leisure time to seek out other forms of information.