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Comment: Rush is a bottom feeder.

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Rush is a bottom feeder.

not a week after the election he is trying to co-opt RP. I actually think this presents an opportunity for us. All the ditto heads that wouldn't even consider an idea that came from RP because they didn't want rush to call them kooky might be open to reading a book. I think we should co-opt the co-opters and try to get an RP book in their hands.

another thing I thought was hilarious:

DITTO HEAD: "Absolutely. And as far as this morality thing goes, I tell you, it just makes me sick because, you know, you talked about how, you know, we're getting away from morality. Well, the very people that are teaching us that morality doesn't count and it's not important anymore are the same people that are persecuting David Petraeus. So, I mean, it's as crazy as it can be."

HAHA.. yes.. and its the very people that claim to represent morality that are defending Petraeus, so YES it is as crazy as it can be.