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They're the same as the politicians

The pundits aren't "real." They work for the PTB who own govt. and media and the banking system. Their job is to protect the status quo. When they suddenly "get it" on some important issue, it's just an act. They have to put on the act because they know that more and more people are starting to see through the BS and they don't want their audience share to drop to zero. We know this because we've seen it before. O'Reilly and Hannity have said "I really like Ron Paul and understand what he's saying on many levels and wish he'd come on my show," then RP would agree to it and they would pull all the usual dirty tricks. He wised up and stopped accepting their invitations. They've pulled the old "bait and switch" trick on us so many times, they've lost all credibility. I'm really glad when people educate themselves and start genuinely believing in liberty and seeing through the lies of the MSM. The tv and radio personalities are not genuine, they are doing their job and if they stopped doing the job, they'd be fired. They're never going to be on our side. Many of us have finally accepted this. Maybe it will take a few more baits & switches before you're able to face it.