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Comment: It will be a very long time before we reach a majority.

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It will be a very long time before we reach a majority.

There are so many indoctrinated generations now, the majority openly want socialism, and see no harm. And many so called "Constitutional Conservatives" like socialism, but won't admit it. I don't like sounding pessimistic, but it looks to me the pendulum has a long way to swing before it ever starts back. Those of us who do not go along with the program will be marginalized, then who knows. All totalitarian societies have resorted to "eliminating" those who resist. Americans just do not seem to care we are so close to losing our liberty. As long as Massa treats us ok, it's not a problem. Massa will increase his demands though, and force us to compromise our beliefs and convictions.
I would say steel ourselves for what lies ahead. The seeds of totalitarianism from DC have been planted.

Undo what Wilson did