Comment: It's obvious this person

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It's obvious this person

doesn't know much about Ron Paul. I read the blog and was became very tired of Dr. Paul being called a hypocrite, in so many words.

The 3rd question "3. Why does a quickly made JPEG of Ron Paul’s face with the claim attached get such enormous publicity, especially when compared to the carefully-thought out and well-researched articles that writers such as myself produce?" and I think probably the whole reason behind the article, sets up the the rest of the self indulging blog post.

Let me answer this question for you. Ron Paul has earned the respect of millions. Like him or not, you have to respect his unwavering adherence to his principles.

As for the rest of the article the theme seems to revolve around this statement "It is inarguable that there ARE far, far better ways of championing freedom than holding government offices." And I think with just a touch of research you will find that Dr. Paul has not only explored many of these avenues but fully exhausted them. You may have written a some blog posts maybe even hundreds. You may have written a book and got it published. But if you start digging into the shear volume of writings, books, public speeches, interviews, TV appearances, etc. you will realize that most people will never scratched the surface of the efforts Ron Paul has put toward changing public opinion.

Even with Ron Paul's prolific writings I don't think that he ever reached as many people as when he ran for President and people got to see him (briefly) in the debates. And that was still enough to spark a movement.

As far as continuously calling him a politician... I guess if by politician you mean holding a public office then he meets your requirement. If you are implying that he is wheeling and dealing making backroom deals, well... just do some research.