Comment: This is INSANE!

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This is INSANE!

Maybe Obummer IS trying to start a civil war?

This is allowed under a President that was part of a gang of dope smokers known as the choo choo gang (or someshit) and he was credited with what they called "Roof hits" where they would smoke pot in a car with all the windows rolled up and they couldnt roll the windows down until all the smoke from the roof of the car was inhaled.

I saw a movie the other day about the 2008 financial crisis where some wall street fat cat smokes dope all day long in his high rise office building and leaves the building smoking a joint hopping on his personal helicopter.

There CANNOT be seperate laws for the elite. We are being controlled by treasonist tyrannts. When will the masses wake up? When will oathkeepers and the military defend us from the domestic enemies?

How about NOW!