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Comment: This is the WORST I've felt in a long, long time

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This is the WORST I've felt in a long, long time

We are from Montana. We cannot believe the incredible injustice that was perpetrated against this innocent man. Someone asked what kind of jurors did they get? I can tell you. Most are people that don't work, don't care, and who are never interviewed to ascertain their prejudices prior to becoming a juror. The County just calls up people and asks if they can be on a jury, and they think that is enough. No. That is NOT good enough. Clearly, his attorney was not advising him well. The attorney should have told him he might not have a good chance at all *trusting* a jury pool. His attorney should have made it his business to know, and well he should have known, what that process entails, as this state's population can be pretty biased.

Talk about the TITANIC----everything that could have gone wrong in that man's life---did.

From all the State legislators and County personnel (commissioners?) and County Attorneys who toured his facility, well, it is just appalling.

I do hope he can hire a NEW ATTORNEY to appeal this case.....and SOME ATTORNEY needs to step up to the plate!! IMMEDIATELY!!!

And, this we get from a government who is heavily involved in growing opium in Afghanistan. The hypocrisy and stench of it all is sickening.