Comment: There are a whole slew of reasons why Christians

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There are a whole slew of reasons why Christians

shouldn't follow Zionism, but especially when you trully understand the true religion of Judaism. Conservatively, 95% of Christians fail to realize, Judaism in not just the following of the Torah aka Old Testement, but it also includes the Babylonian Talmud or the Oral Writings of the Pharisees. All Christians and even non-Christians should watch the video presentation by Rev Ted Pike, where he presents the Truth, right from their own books and Encyclopedia Judaica references to back it up. I'm not saying you should hate followers of Judaism, but you need to understand how followers of the Talmud view the Gentiles, or what many call the Goy (which translates as being like cattle). By the way, Rev Pike is not just some run of the mill preacher, his father was the main Minister responsible for convincing Reagan to create 'The National Day of Prayer', which at the present should be every day for repentence of the evil deeds our countries government commits daily. What most people also don't know do to the revisionists is, that when the Puritans colonized America, they called the the New Jerusalem of Christ. Christ believed His Holy Land was where ever His believers live.