Comment: Socialism/Communism

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Has already been experimented with and had failed miserably.

The untold sufferings of 100's of millions is beyond the scope of the imagination.

The only way to move up the 'ladder' in these systems is to inflict or cause unspeakeable pain to friends, family, and fellow citizens and be recognized for it by the higher-ups of the party.

The party supercedes all...including civil liberties, religious liberties, human rights, God, the established laws and statutes.

Since Turkey is a nation of power mad people imo. I can understand why he feels this way imo.

I have played sports with some 'domesticated ones' and it has taken some time to get them to ease up. I think they are like Serbs, Croatians, Albanians, Hungarians, Romanians, Italians, Russians; all think that life originated from their neck of the woods.

p.s. At least the Germans are a little more subtle about it lol

Socialism is communism, there is no doubt about it.