Comment: 21st Century Secession

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21st Century Secession

In my honest view, the whole "secession" movement is ridiculous. It is a sign that the liberty movement has transferred its ideas from legitimate goals to a 200 year old idea that failed in the 1860s with disastrous consequences. The whole idea is crackpot and, if successful, would destroy this country in its entirety. Have no doubt that there can be no peaceful secession from the United States and this was quite clarified in the U.S. civil war. If the states ever secede again, it will destroy this country, making it 1000x worse to live in for everyone. We will be subject to the constant threat of domestic terrorism, foreign invasion, and total lawlessness. It is obvious "peaceful secession" is impossible. And once you continue to demand it when you know it is impossible, advocating violence is the next logical cornerstone. Once that takes place, you will have total mayhem. This country needs an intellectual awakening, not threats to secede. The population is too busy working 40-60 hour days to keep food on the table and pay down the mortgage to pay attention to the draconian laws being put in place. They must awaken.

You need to understand that the government has created a psychological warfare program in this country that allows them to turn propaganda into public policy and vice versa. For example, the United States projects an immense presence on the world stage and learned, quite successfully, after Vietnam, about how to piss people off so much that the war was stalled. They will never make that mistake again. They know how to start wars by lying to the people, continuing to project an image of the enemy by dehumanizing it. This will go on for 10, 15, and even 20 years if necessary. Case in point: Iran. Within 10 years, Iran will be destroyed by sanctions and subject to covert and/or overt invasion. It will not be hard to topple their government covertly. In the interim, they will consolidate power in an attempt to keep their rule going. This is all part of a grand plan, as the US knows that the population will tolerate sanctions (once considered an act of war), but will not tolerate another pre-emptive invasion. The US must know, therefore, everything its citizens are doing and thinking, in order to form public policy. However, continue to repeat the same lies for decades, and watch the people demand war. This is all about control over hard assets and not floating currency.

Secession movement will fail and completely discredit the Ron Paul Revolution. It will. It is being spun by Alex Jones and a whole bunch of other profiteers because it sells. And thats quite sick in my view. Out of desperation, some people seem to think that the best course of action is to turn their backs on government itself and not try to correct its trajectory into oblivion. I, on the other hand, will not advocate the next logical step after peaceful secession is rejected and that is either violence or the potential for parts of the liberty movement to become more extremist and militant. For me, this serves no purpose in our society.