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I gave you nearly two weeks

I gave you nearly two weeks and you supplied nothing in the way of sources. Not a single source, incredible but predictable. I really thought you'd find a way to provide at least one link. You've insulted yourself, again. There is no need for anyone else to do it. Thanks for not disappointing.

I read the links before they were posted. How about you step up and illustrate where the perversion is in any of the four links and provide sources to back it up. You have no case in the links I provided. You would have copied and pasted such perversions already. And are you implying RP isn't a proponent of deregulation and truly free markets? He is, hence his admiration of Friedman. (I referred to Friedman in my previous post to help you. This appears to have gone over your head.)

You can stand by what you said all you like the same way one can stand by their belief cats walk on two limbs and it only appears to be four. Opinion and conjecture is all you have and shown here. Others back it up with some sources.

"They are synonyms in today's time." And what source do you have to back up your statement? Oh yes, none. You would have posted it by now. Your source is your opinion even when dictionaries and encyclopedias say otherwise. This is also why you cannot refute point #2 either.