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just a CENSOR - watch him closely

Just a guy who is unhappy that messages contrary to his own are being put out there on his favourite website.

So then he finds these contrary voices
calls them names
accuses them (for the act of posting on a website) of wanting attention, by means of the same activity (posting on a website)

Even goes so far as to accuse them of mental illness.

Talks in fascistic imperatives to persuade others to help him bully this contrary voice.

Recognized by anyone respecting free speech.
Exposed by their own bravado.
Talks of provocative arguments as if they are a bad thing, whilst accusing people of mental illness and calling them names.

I, sir*, am calling you out.

* = 0% chance you are female. Far too hostile.

You had literally NOTHING to say of the ideas I expressed. You simply launched into a personal attack. Shame on you.