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Please review my new updated answer about raw milk

and let me know if you think its better and accurate. I'm not real familar with the raw milk issue and I want to get ths finished today so as long as I'm not lying or misleading with my answer (or it doesnt just sound retarded) I'd be ok with it. Generally speaking I'm trying to show how the answer to all the questions revolve around a few basic principles. The government is always trying legitimize extracting peoples money; the government is always trying to increase their power; the government uses many methods to control us often under the guise of protecting us from ourselves.

Here it is. Please advise. Thanks!

Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?

The FDA is a huge Government program that extracts wealth from the American people under the illusion that a small group of “regulators” can guarantee all food and dairy products will be safe when they enter the marketplace. There are no legitimate independent studies supporting the Government position that allowing dairy farmers to forgo pasteurization and sell “unregulated milk” would cause an increase in dairy related illness and/or disease. In fact there is growing evidence that drinking raw milk from smaller, local dairy farms provides many nutritional benefits and a decreased risk of consuming milk that contains steroids and other undesired substances. Most raw milk is currently sold by small, local, independent farms (which specifically because of their independence and smaller size) offer a far superior environment for the cows and a much more sanitary environment for the collection of milk than what is available from the assembly line “profit first” dairy farms that are managed by large corporations. Selling fear is constantly used by the State for controlling the population under the illusion of protecting them from themselves. Offering raw milk from smaller independent farms would cut into the profits of the Corporate-Government Monopoly of large dairy conglomerates. Millions of dollars in sales would be shifted from large corporate controlled dairy firms to local/regional raw food co-ops. The dangers of drinking milk which are put forward by the FDA and enforced by State using the threat of incarceration increases the power of the Federal Government. Since consuming raw milk would not increase dairy related illness and/or disease, people would begin to question the need for the FDA in general and it would shine a light on one of the largest Government programs that extracts wealth from the American people under the illusion of protecting them from themselves.