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It's very simple

Both the local state and the federal government operates an illegal scheme backed by our birth certificate.

The birth certificate serves as a legal binding contract that gives the state the power to do with you whatever the states and corrupt officials decides to impose on the legal person = registered citizens in the nation concerned.

However the contract terms were never disclosed to you. Therefor the contract is void. Ask any lawyer. You cannot coerce any legal person into a legal binding contract against their will.

Were you ever given an explanation as to what you parents agreed to on your behalf when you were born?

It used to be the Church who did this for the state/Crown as it was a 50/50 deal which served both the Church and the King, Emperor or whoever was in charge of the legal persons.

If you need additional proof then you should research the palestinian issue. Nobody wants them as there is a not a legally recognized palestinian state to be found on this planet. This is why they have no rights in 'our world'.