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Comment: I've had enough of your divisiveness.

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I've had enough of your divisiveness.

The issue here is this: Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza, and Cenk spoke up passionately against it.

Instead of looking for areas of agreement, as Ron Paul would, you've gone about attacking the messenger on areas where you disagree with him, or he disagrees with Ron Paul or because he hung up on Peter Schiff a year ago. You're on a one-man strafing campaign against Cenk. And you're at the point where you're disrupting the site, bringing it back to the good old Johnson days of non-stop division. You've posted 4 anti-Cenk threads in the last 24 hours.

Well guess what. This is not the Daily Anti-Cenk. The themes here, in case you haven't noticed, are: PEACE, GOLD, LOVE.

Cenk spoke out against the war. You speak out against Cenk. What good does that do anyone? Why don't you find me a video of your hero Peter Schiff speaking out against this war, or Rand Paul, or Ron for that matter, and it will gladly see the front page, and get a minimum of 65 up votes.

If this is how you want to represent the liberty movement, by attacking people, you can take it somewhere else. Again, look to Ron Paul.

He never attacks people. He focuses on areas of agreement. He works towards a goal.

Now lets look at your behavior: It is completely opposed to Ron Paul's. 1) Attacking people 2) Focusing on Disagreement, 3) Working toward chaos.

Further, what Ron Paul said, when the message of liberty is winning, we'll know because it crosses all partisan & ideological boundaries. But look at you - attacking someone who is in agreement with out principles because he doesn't live up to your ideological purity. Good luck growing the movement that way.

I'll leave the decision to you, but if you choose not to learn from Ron Paul, then you can take it elsewhere. I appreciate your passion, but have no use for your methods.