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Comment: Yes he is

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Yes he is

He's an ally on this specific issue.

But not for you. For you it is more important to be "right" and to enforce your own personal ideological purity on everyone in the world before you even look at them.

For you, you'd prefer a world at war than to form an alliance on a single, clean, clear specific issue.

This is you: "I can't stand with Cenk or Hugo against war because they are communists, and I am not. I am therefore better than them, because my beliefs are better. I am smarter, and they are dumb. I cannot stand with dumb people, even if I agree with them. Even if doing so will help stop the war. I can only stand with people that I agree with 100% on every single issue."

That is you, but it is not Ron Paul. Ron Paul readily points out areas of agreement with others. That is because Ron Paul is big, and you are small. Ron Paul is big enough, and confident enough to know that people are all different - we're all individuals - and it is impossible to agree with others on every issue, 100% of the time. But it is possible to find areas in common with all people, and to work with those people on those areas of agreement.

You? You're engaging in a form of masturbation. Oh, it feels so good, doesn't it? "Oh, I'm right and Cenk is wrong! I don't care that people are being killed, bombed, and are dying. Cenk hung up on Peter Shiff once. War doesn't matter. Killing doesn't matter! Injustice doesn't matter! Cenk was unjust to Peter Shiff once, a year ago when he hung up on him on his Internet program. So he is wrong forever, on everything, for all eternity, and it is my mission to let the world know! Forget about war. Forget about suffering. None of this matters because Cenk is a socialist!"

Like I said. You're small.

p.s. Edit:

But it is okay to be small. Everyone and everything starts out small. Ron Paul started out small - a baby, just like the rest of us, with unformed ideas.

But with awareness, attention and love, we can all grow. We can all grow into giants.