Comment: Nice work!

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Nice work!

My only suggestion if you're going to put this up somewhere permanent and / or start printing it up would be [citation needed].

Load the thing up with footnotes pointing to real sources and research, where possible. For instance, in the hemp answer you say:

Legislators and unnecessary Government programs receive hundreds of millions of dollars (directly or indirectly) from large corporations each year to help maintain a monopoly over their segments of the consumer market.

I wonder which legislators, which programs, how many hundreds of millions, and which corporations? Where did you get this information? Where can I? How can I validate what you are saying for myself? etc.

Obviously it would be lovely if everyone did their own research, but the truth is many don't actually know HOW to do research.

I realize this suggestion probably changes the scope of your mission from a few days to a few months, and probably isn't a reasonable thing to expect... but a guy can dream, right?