Comment: Dictators think alike

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Dictators think alike

"You con-con pussies just make no sense at all."

A Dictator in the wings, or one in office, it does not matter, they all play the same tune.

They say that I know, and you cannot question.

They hear no one, and they dictate to those people who they don't listen to, as to what is said by those people that they do not listen to, as if their failure to listen to someone is somehow the fault of the person they refuse to listen to.

The dictator is the only one capable of making any sense, and everything said by everyone else makes no sense - at all.

Absolute statements of absolute certainty is the tune, and there is no other tune ever heard, forever, by executive fiat.

Con Job.

In fact, if a Con Con, being such a good idea, and all else, everything else, is nonsense, then move it along Mr. Dictator, since a Con Con makes all the sense in the world.

How is it working for you so far, since so far, this here, and that there, a Federal Reserve here, a Civil War there, Alien and Sedition Acts here, an TSA there, are all part and parcel to the first Con Con Con Job, so, while we are all assembled for the absolute truth, failing to listen to any more nonsense, by all means, lets Con Con an new Con Job, and fearless leader can spell out exactly what that means without constructing a new meaning if IT every other day, to suit the occasion.