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Comment: Icke is a reptoid peddling con man.

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Icke is a reptoid peddling con man.

He's a self worshiping deceiver tempting you to think of yourself as an "elite", and hoping you'll go out and be his "repeater".

He's doing what deceivers do, mixing truth with lies, and the bigger the lie, the bigger the truth you'll need to hide it within.

The Reptoid scam is all about Luciferianism; Godless self worship.

Icke hopes to re-imagine the human race as something created by Reptoids rather than God. Doing so leaves human beings as an abomination, something separate from the natural world, something that shouldn't be here. He re-imagines our "elite" rulers (PUKE!) to be something that shares a bloodline with what created us.

It's the way a Luciferian will try to raise himself up and get "the little people" to think of "the elite" as something better; something cut from superior stock, a demigod, all within a new religion of godlessness and self worship.

Guys like David Icke want you to look at the pyramids and see aliens rather than a death cult of self worshiping slavers. There have always been people like this, people who hide knowledge from the masses, but I promise you, a subterranean race of reptoids have nothing to do with it.

The worst part is he's tempting YOU to think of yourself as an "elite". RIGHT? Isn't that really what this is all about? He's tempting you to think of yourself as something better, maybe you TOO are cut from something superior, a demigod? (have any Reptoid blood in ya?)

Just look into those Judas Goat eyes. You'll see an evil man looking back at ya.