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Comment: Talk of a con-con is

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Talk of a con-con is

Talk of a con-con is ridiculous. Do you even understand how and why we do not follow the constitution we already have? Do you understand how you have waived your constitutional protections by voluntarily contracting with the federal government? So you have volunteered yourself into slavery and now you want to change the rules that the slavemasters follow? Do you see how ridiculous that is? I'm not attacking you but the slavemasters' wildest dream would be a con-con. There is nothing wrong that can't be fixed by amending the existing constitution (assuming we could get the federal government to follow it).

Ask yourself this: is Social Security possible under our current Constitution? Is the Federal Reserve possible under same? How about the IRS? Federal drug laws? Wars of aggression? Mandatory health insurance?

Read Invisible Contracts by George Mercier and you will begin to understand the much bigger picture. Its a very long book because these are complex issues that have evolved over centuries and things are not what they seem. People who endorse a con-con are following the illusion that things ARE what they seem.