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Cost LESS Power

Don’t laugh at me, but I find it hard to carry on a conversation with you while writing a book at the same time! I suppose it is more of the 3 way chess concept. I read your reply 2 times yesterday, but I could not answer it.

The first time I hear you yelling at me. The 2nd time I start to make sense of what you are saying and begin to formulate thoughts…and now the 3rd time I will write the thoughts down and send them back to you.
“In the Great Depression "they" confiscated gold.”

I have had the thought in the last year that “they” are getting people to buy up gold with their hard earned WORTHLESS fed dollars and then “they” will confiscate that gold…

Josf, I grew up my whole life not knowing they took the people’s gold. Jeff didn’t know either. The first time I became aware of it was when Jeff’s sister and us were each given a piece of family china that had been decorated with gold because the family did not want to turn the gold in so instead they painted it onto some dishes. I have no idea how much gold is on our little cup. I couldn’t believe it when I was told that the government took the people’s gold. I guess that information is kept in the memory hole? Jeff has a degree in history. You would think that would have been part of his “book learning.”
Do you know why I don’t have any gold? Because I cannot figure out how to get any. It all seems to complicated. To may variables…to much grey. If I could go to walmart and get some, I might do it. My first thought about solar energy (and electric cars) is that it is too complicated. But, It seems some of the simple people can get it (solar energy) though!

Look at this!
“FRED KIGHT: This is Holmes County, an area in northeast Ohio that's home of the largest settlement of Amish in the world. Like their fellow Amish in other parts of the country, these Amish prefer the horse and buggy for getting around and use horses to pull their plows to work the fields.
(Soundbite of horses plowing)
KIGHT: But increasingly there's evidence of 21st century power here - solar panels appear on rooftops everywhere you look.
Eli Miller is Amish and sells solar equipment to his neighbors. He says about 80 percent of the Amish around here now use solar. “

I can understand what you are saying about solar panels. I wish we were close to Ohio and some Amish would come and put them on my house. We are in the middle of nowhere here practically and I don’t see solar energy anywhere. Our Amish here do not use it.
“Glitter attractively like a trophy wife? “

Thought on a true trophy wife, not the counterfeit version:

Proverbs 31:11 KJV
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
“Gold and Silver "investments" are a short sale, selling short, it is the opposite of what people say it is, so you tell me, who is right and who is wrong on this point exactly.”

I don’t know what short sale, selling short, is. I don’t even know what people say it is.

“I want to be shown where I am wrong, so far I can't find where I am wrong.”

I think you are right…assuming the technology can do all of that. I don’t know about technology. But your concept is right. It is power, currency, being used to sustain life, to create abundance from basically nothing but the sun, which there is plenty of when the persistent vapor trails are not precluding the sun.

Has anyone studied whether the persistent vapor trails blocking the sun impacts solar energy?

I wonder what those Amish in Ohio have to say about those vapor trails.
“I heard a news report on Alex Jones concerning Shale Oil production in America producing enough POWER to take control of the world Oil Markets, with Obama getting all the credit for making that happen.
Do you see how that could happen?
POWER, actual POWER, is taken from Earth, and converted into CURRENT POWER, where the new POWER is INJECTED into the Economy and the people doing the supplying of all that POWER grow very rich, very powerful, very fast, and that POWER then trickles down to lesser people, poor people, workers, earners, employees, consumers, as those powerful people buy things with their Earth made Oil Power, and if they buy things Made in America, then the American Economy BOOMS again…
…You have cheaper oil prices, boom baby boom, and now Solar Panels and Electric cars are less attractive, by how much less?”

So are you saying the shale oil production and new drilling in Texas is, in part, a diversion targeted at solar energy and electric cars because those ideas are becoming too powerful?
“If you do make your own home grown electricity it is less than 2 cents per mile and you have yet to understand how the Solar Panel electricity Power equation actually works? “

Can you make enough energy thru solar panels to charge an electric car? Or do we need an influx of competition making a better and better product which will be prevented by the shale oil boom?
“Free Energy.
Why is POWER scarce?”

Because the love of money is the source of evil.

“Gold and Silver investments are speculative ventures done as "futures" whereby the collective sum total of "investors", betting their earnings in that way, are betting that the Legal Money Monopoly Power will increase the money supply, and then, if that happens, they win, and if that happens a lot, and if those people are the first ones to place that bet, then they win big, really big, if they can cash in at a future date, when things go as they expect, and as the collective sum total of betters DRIVE, those events in that way, then all is well in their world.”

Is that like hedge betting? Maybe those people are hoping for monetary disaster so the gold will be worth more? So do those people try to make monetary disaster happen? When I watched that Doug Carey and other speak on Gold, one of the persons being interviewed spoke about whether gold investors should be voting in accordance with their conscience, or their wallet. Joe, is that what is meant by if you can’t beat them then join them?

How about that for a chapter title: If you can’t beat them join them and then discuss how joining them actually ruins power/abundance?

“It is now chaos, Marshal Law, anarchy (so called), and you are one of the worst people around, pretend to be a really bad guy, or really bad gal, and now you are free to do as you please, evil things, without cost to you, so you see that electricity is out all over, but you stumble upon a house with Solar Panels on it, so which house do you invade, to take control of it, and you notice that the same house has electric cars and good food?”

Yah, what about that angle? Wouldn’t the person with solar panels become a target? But I suppose if everyone had them that would not be the case.
“If you want to play their game, it seems to me, you can buy Gold and Silver, while they let you.
No skin off my nose.
In fact I think any accurate money is a world better than any Fraud Money, for reasons that should be as clear as mountain spring water flowing down the mountain, unless you are a fraud too. “

Are you calling me a fraud? Why are you saying that to me? I don’t want to play their game. I do though want to maintain value of money. That does not mean that I want to play a market or buy and sell. It would only mean that if I have some money I might want to put it into something that would retain value. Joe, I don’t want to live in the house we are in right now. I want to live in the country away from town. If I ever get to move, then I would maybe think about putting solar energy to use. What if I get some money now. What should I do with it? Our van is 12 years old with over 100,000 miles on it. I am quite content to drive it till it dies. Gas is cheaper than a car payment to get an electric car. What about your daughter getting a bank account. Why not send her to a pawn shop or where ever you can get a few gold or silver coins to retain the value of her money? It doesn’t mean that she is going to try to make money on her money. It just means she is going to try not to lose money. It would be like saying, OK keep you money in a pockets with holes, or here, here is a pocket without holes. Which would be the best place if you don’t want a new car at the moment and you don’t want to invest money in your current home?

Why does it have to be either/or? Why can’t it be both? What am I supposed to do if I get an extra $100 and want to save it? Right now it is in a bank account doing nothing but losing money because the fed is printing money at an indefinite rate under QE3. I can’t make myself by any gold or silver because I don’t know how. So my $100 just sits turning into less and less as each day goes by. What should I do? I wish someone would do it for me.

“A Solar Panel, one of many good examples of POWER PRODUCING PRODUCTS, is a thing that can be purchased and it will produce more power to purchase than the power required to purchase it.
That last sentence can go over a lot of people's heads, even the "experts" in Political Economy.
Even the "Austrians", or they do know, but their futures are banking on doom and gloom = higher gold prices relative to fraud money, so they pretend not to know better, and they prefer to shoot the messengers who do know better. “

I can understand the sentence.

“Solar Panels won't make the speculator a killing, won't get something huge for almost nothing, but the solar panel will actually produce more power out of less power, without controversy, since the actual power source is the sun = free energy.”

Yes, and I think your words to me on this regard would be good in your book.

“Cost - less - POWER.

A good chapter title? I think so.

“One person, out of nowhere, sent me a stack of papers in a large envelope, and in that pile of information is a study of history from the perspective of 3 various POWERS working globally on a cycle where one Power is boomed to a peak, dominating the world, while another power is a third of the way down into complete BUST, and the last POWER is a third of the way up to the Peak, and so long as the study studied history, as far back as the Roman Empire, if I remember right, this has been going on, in this way.”

That is interesting.
“This post intends to be helpful, but it is not a sound bite.”

If it had been a sound bite, I would not have understood what I understand now. I am not arguing about gold or silver or solar panels. I am trying to give my actual life situation. What should I do? Right now, I am doing nothing to preserve value.
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