Comment: Dr. Paul seems very focused on the college aged people.

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Dr. Paul seems very focused on the college aged people.

This leads me to believe that he is preparing for something good to happen in our country waaay down the road. I will not pretend that I know better than Dr. Paul but, it always seemed to me that if he'd spend just a third of that time talking to older veterans in VA Hall & Hospitals, and talking to fauxnews seniors in assisted living places, the message would reach critical mass, since he is both a veteran and a senior. That message would have their support in just as great numbers, if only he would speak his message to them directly. Instead, it's like they don't matter to our cause. If they don't, then we are no where near achieving our ultimate goal.

I don't regret the time and effort I put into our cause and will continue to be active to spread the message and support our candidates. It's just that I feel very sad, disappointed, that I probably won't live to see the day we finally get our freedom back.

Sorry but, these kinds of posts, which really are intended to be upbeat and positive, just depress the hell out of me.

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