Comment: With all the intellect, skills and resources we have here

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With all the intellect, skills and resources we have here

why can't we put together a web site that organizes people into a consolidated push to fix these issues?

For example, we could offer a place to add your most important issue to a list and then vote for the most important one on the list.

That issue (one at a time to keep the action moving, I'd think) would then generate an international debate on the best way to fix it. The driving goal being to find the most simple solution that appeals to the most people/groups.

That debated idea then generates a petition which can be printed, signed, notarized and mailed to a site. This way we have lots of time to gather the signatures instead of starting the official process which limits the time.

That signed petition then initiates an online process to pen the actual legislation.

Legislators are then given notice to pass said bills. A rep by rep graphic would show both popular support behind it to each rep as well as public statements made by the rep.

Any legislated blocking done would plaster that lawmaker's name across all affected states, complete with all his contact info.

If the rep still blocks the progress, a recall could be initiated that also follows the steps above.

What would your first issue be?