Comment: That guy is an A$$.

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That guy is an A$$.

So I can't skip around in his "video" and I have to instead listen to him drone on and one without saying anything?

I've listened to this moron before. He wastes my time. He keeps saying he's "about to tell me" but he never does "tell me" ANYTHING.

He's also an A$$ because he uses a video where text would have been proper. This is misuse of video to the point of abusiveness to his audience.

And he's an idiot.

There will be no change to the 22nd amendment which limits Obama to being elected TWICE, or to the 20th Amendment which sets the start and end dates of his terms to Jan 20th, and there will be no change to Article 2 § 1 which stipulates four year terms for Presidents. Even if such an amendment were attempted to either extend Obama's 2nd term or allow him to run a 3rd time (or more) it won't receive the ratification of 38 States in time for it to affect him. And that is also presuming they write such an amendment that doesn't only take effect for the NEXT person elected. (like the 20th did)

I'm not even going to bother with the absurdity of his "secret."