Comment: Corp America is like a swarm of locusts

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Corp America is like a swarm of locusts

They've consumed the wealth of this country and left us indebted to the tune of...does anyone really know how much? When you include the bailouts and shifting of Social Security and medicare $$, it's an ungodly amount. Corporations are by far the greatest consumer of welfare dollars. Big business hates free markets, that's why it lobbied the govt. for horrendous treaties like NAFTA which sent our best jobs overseas, so corp. CEOs and share holders could make $billions while they receive mountains of US cash in "foreign aid" spent on overseas land development for their new relocated factories and still more for research and development. They continue lobbying for heavy taxation and regulation at home to kill their competition and what jobs remain in our country. Wars are fought in the interests of Corporate America. The "revolving door" indicates that govt. & coporations are basically one and the same.

Not sure what all the particulars are with Hostess, but I'm surprised how many people defend corporations. In a free market, I could understand it. But could corporations really be part of a free market? There would be no corporations without a state to grant incorporation. Govt. & corporations will always be in bed together. And how can anyone deny that CEO's are overpaid?? Does anyone really think it's just that a corrupt guy in a suit gets paid $multi-millions per year for, in many cases, taking risks that make their share holders richer but also wrecking their own companies and then begging for and getting bailouts, making the share holders still richer at our expense? And at the same time, paying employees who work and sweat doing all the heavy labor, get paid minimum wage or if they're overseas, making 50 cents an hour? There is a greed problem and I'd think everyone on the DP would be sickened by it.