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It is your right to believe WHATEVER you wish, and I'll proudly defend that right. The moon's made of green cheese, witches fly brooms, or that God sent a messiah to save his 'chosen people', but since they couldn't use him, they let the goyim make a religion out of him, and got him lynched/'sacrificed' (validating Paganism, by the way).
Honestly, the teachings of Jesus are all one needs to know to live an hopefully virtuous life. He died primarily for rocking the Pharisee's boats, and calling them and Jews of those times 'children of the serpent'. The TRUTH has always caused a major malfunction for power hungry assholes. No different there.
He's my savior too, I suppose, but I jumped off the merry-go-round regarding the rest of the BS a long time ago. So, excuse me.