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I'm serious! I got a letter that there were going to be random health questionnaires and that my town was selected to participate for the national study. It was right about the time of the "should I fill out my Census forms?" Remember that whole scene? And that is what I thought it was all about.

A lady stopped by the house. Very nice with a slight VA twang to her voice (I worked with a lot of people in VA and noticed it.) She insisted that I should participate in the random study because my household would get $100.

I nicely told her that I wasn't interested. She persisted. I said, "Look, that house across the street. They might be interested. The buzz around the neighborhood is that they may be having money issues and they might really appreciate $100."

She said AND I QUOTE BECAUSE I WILL NEVER FORGET IT, "No its says I have to get the person at the yellow house on the left. OK would you please answer some questions?" I asked how she got that information. She said that they have a person drive around and create a list of Random addresses. Which they then distribute to the outreach person (her).

I was outside working in the yard and I couldn't close a door on her. She started to just ask me questions. I told her, "Look I'm really not interested." She asked for like the third time, "well are there children at this house" I hedged again just as my mom drove up to drop off the kids who ran out of the car to hug me. She jotted that down. I told her that I had to deal with the kids - would she just Please Leave.

SO I looked up the organization she worked for. Yes it was legit via the Centers of Disease Control. HOWEVER being a Ron Paul person I researched further. It appeared that the study in my state was actually funded via a circuitous route THROUGH THE UN!!!