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Blue Ribbon Post

You [...] are [...] potential elite, in conflict with other elites. You are competing in a political arena with cliques and groups of elites, driven by [...] interest[s]...

...organized, well funded groups; elites, ideologues, cliques, et al., engaged in [...] positions of influence within society. The media, academia, and so on.

Your failure to recognize this is [methods and behaviors that actually work]... Your refusal to engage in those methods and behaviors... a severe handicap on your ability to compete!

...engage in those methods and behaviors that actually work on the political stage make you [...] the chattering classes and power brokers.

Just when I was losing hope anyone on this forum was ever going to learn how the game is played, BILL3 gives me a glimmer in knowing maybe the dots are connecting for at least some. If I could I'd give you a blue ribbon for this post, BILL3.