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I don't know everything sarx

But I do know that God blinded or hid the truth from the Jews regarding Jesus as the Messiah.

So that's one thing I know. Jews and/or Israeli's are under a God given delusion. Who am I to know which one's?

But, He also promised that the greatest harvest of souls will come not from the great preachers and evangelists of our time but from the 144,000 JEWS!

In the 46 years since I first said "I do" to Jesus Christ, I have met a few Messianic Jews and more specifically Christian Rabbi's.

Rabbi Cahn, author of "The Harbinger" - is one of those salvation preaching Jews. Just by virtue of his existence and the existence of others I heard of, the final harvest has begun...

That makes me shudder with awe. That of all the idiots in the history of man, I get to witness the greatest harvest of the "whosoever" in all time.

Scripture portrays the 144,000 as God's special end time church. According to Rev 7 they are able "to stand" when Jesus returns. They are called "first fruits" which indicates that a larger harvest will be gathered and that they are not the only ones to be saved. Since they have followed the Lamb wherever it went and since they have not joined false worship they will be with Jesus on Mt. Zion and before the throne of God in his heavenly sanctuary. We may not be able to solve all the questions related to the 144,000 and probably this is not so important either. More important is to live in such a way that we may be counted among them.