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Comment: I read every post and it still blows me away..

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I read every post and it still blows me away..

PEOPLE..this is a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE!! Never in the history of mankind has anyone EVER overdosed on Cannabis Hemp..YOU CANT because its NON TOXIC! If this plant was to be used for what God intended us to use it for the EVIL EMPIRE will lose TRILLIONS..please think about this for one second...FUEL clean burning Ethanol/Methanol/Bio diesel..Hemp burns and puts out Carbon DIOXIDE instead of Monoxide! Where the need for going to war for an oil barrel..fossil fuels are NOT NEEDED! How about the Medicine this plant produces??? Not another plant on EARTH has more importance then this one..NOT ONE. The Oils from the Indica & Sativa Strains CURE THC Cures Cancer..have you looked into Rick Simpsons history with this Oil? THOUSANDS have been cured with this OIL..this NON TOXIC OIL! Yet why do our elected officials do everything in their EVIL POWER to stop this from growing in everyone's backyards??? GREED. They are ready applied for and received a PATENT for its medicinal uses..yet its a Schedule 1 DRUG! "Highly addictive and ZERO medicinal use" yet they have a patent for its medicinal use and there are thousands of scientific studies to prove its the most potent medicine on kills CANCER CELLS! While healing your immune system..try getting that out of your Chemo and radiation. How about that all natural healthy FOOD that this plant produces? (World Hunger???..not a chance.) and the FIBER and Cellulose that we would get from this plant is will put the BIG OIL and BIG PHARMA out of business. THATS WHY this plant has been other reasons..when I read all you guys bickering about TAXING this gift from God I want to pull my hair out!! STOP this stupid talk..we have every right to plant our entire COUNTRY in Cannabis!! The entire PLANET is crying out for this to happen..PLEASE educate yourself on this plant and educate others. This plant and this plant alone would take us out of our debt in NO TIME! Prove me wrong..anyone try and prove me wrong..

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE