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Ill gotten gains

"Do you know why I don’t have any gold?"

The cause of iniquity is ill gotten gains, and the nature of ill gotten gains is the same as the nature of lies, it is exponentially destructive.

Usury (not to be confused with interest) can be expressed mathematically as an exponential growth rate as POWER grows exponentially more scarce while fewer people gain by ill gotten means the larger percentage of the shrinking supply of power.

That is the name of the game, to gain at the expense of other people before other people can gain at your expense.

Look here:

That is the human condition expressed mathematically.

Might makes right (people driven by that mode of behavior) is a virus that consumes, like cancer, living beings, the entire human race operating on that basis of might making right will consume the entire human race rapidly, starting out slowly, but the pace of consumption, each person at each other's throat, quickens and the end is a very rapid hell on earth, with the last two people have a dire need to kill each other or die trying.

The dynamics of that human condition, might makes right, is balanced by morality, and if the balance is exact, then there is constant conflict (destruction) WHILE there is a balanced constant of cooperation (production).

Power Consumption = Power Production

Crime Increases occurs in proportion of Liberty Decreasing

Power Consumption > Power Production

Crime Decreases in proportion to Liberty Increasing

Power Consumption < Power Production

How is Total Net Power Measured Accurately?

Not GDP (Gross National Product), since those books are cooked, but something along those lines, if done accurately, and what is the unit of measure?

If someone is moral, having an interest in investing earnings, having an interest in investing POWER into making more POWER out of less POWER, and doing so without harming anyone, then that individual has the method of operation necessary for survival alone, to stay alive, and then two people having similar goals, meet, and the combined POWER to make less POWER into more POWER is exponentially more POWERFUL due to division of labor, specialization, and economies of scale.

If there are no immoral people connected in any way to the group of people who are cooperative, what happens to TOTAL POWER and what is likely to be the difference between the least powerful person and the most powerful person as measured by the scale of Purchasing Power whereby the POWER of deceit is not a factor, and the POWER of threats of violence is not a factor, and the POWER of violence upon the innocent productive people is not factor?

Person A is X percent more POWERFUL than Person B, without the factor of ill gotten, criminal, means?

Who "owns" the most compared to who "owns" the least POWER TO PURCHASE?

Right now, for example, 1 person, or 1 group acting as 1 person (The FED), can write a check for as much POWER TO PURCHASE as everyone else using Dollars combined.

That is the definition of iniquity.

No such thing can happen without the crime factors of deceit, threats of violence, and violence upon the productive people.

If you want we can go through the math in the link provided to help illustrate the point and make the point relevant to this:

"Do you know why I don’t have any gold?"

You do not have ill gotten stores of purchasing power that you need to hide from other people.

You are not the problem.

If you had millions of dollars handed to you from a lottery ticket you found in the garbage then you would be "lucky" and the grey area of how that much purchasing power became your interest, your concern, or came to be within your POWER to control, to invest, or spend, or save, or give away, would be illustrative of this point.

You are not the problem, therefore you are most likely one of the victims.

So, suppose you won the lottery, and then in your hands, in your control, is a significant amount of Purchasing Power with which you have the POWER, responsibility, accountability, to control that POWER TO PURCHASE.

What do you purchase with many millions of units of purchasing power?

Is that YOUR problem?

When is it ever a concern for a moral human being to have to figure out a way to hide earnings from anyone else other than criminals?

What is the point at which a moral human being becomes so rich that the person is then beset with the onerous task of having to work at keeping the criminals away from their riches?

I don't know.

It has never been a problem for me.

Had I gained control of many millions of units of purchasing power handed to me I'd build a house facing the sun, burmmed into the earth on three sides for insulation, Solar Panels, Windmills, two water wells, an electric fleet of cars to run as a taxi service, a large lot, I'd sell Solar Panels and Electric cars, make and sell Electric Car Battery Trailers, some Modular Green House Vertical Farming Units, and be set up for a long life of earning power from the sun.

I could get that business going, and then sell it, make another one, and sell it, who would not buy, at cost, a self contained equitable business ready for a new owner?

I have no use for gold or silver and if I am no longer of any value to anyone, then I guess I'll be dumpster diving.

What is the point at which a person has so much "money" that they then have to start working, spending time and energy, keeping their money safe from the criminals?

The criminals that are to be worried about, it seems to me, are the criminals in the mirror.

Too many people have joined in the legal crime club, expecting to be handed something for nothing, and they have yet to find out the true cost of that decision, and when they finally get to judgment day, it will be too late to choose a moral path.

"My first thought about solar energy (and electric cars) is that it is too complicated. But, It seems some of the simple people can get it (solar energy) though!

If you buy one in so many years you can buy two and then in so many years you can buy four, and then eight. It is very long term investments, like buying an house, or buying a farm, or buying a productive business.

It is like an education. You buy a book, with your time spent reading it carefully, like the Bible, I suppose, there are very valuable things in the Bible, to help make life much richer.

The principle is based upon having less power today and having more power tomorrow, on a very small scale or a very large scale power gaining slowly over a long period of time or power gaining faster over a shorter time.

If all the Trillions of Dollars Spent on keeping the Monopoly Money Fraud Power maintained, destroying so much in that effort, was spent only on Solar Panels, nothing else, and sold at cost, or "given" away, instead of all that actual, measurable, destruction there would be how much production measurable as electricity and whatever was made with electricity?

How much would electricity cost if every bomb, missile, military base overseas, solider, food, clothing, supplies, shipped overseas, was turned back in time, all the way back to the decision to invade Pennsylvania by Washington in 1794, and instead of that investment in maintaining the Money Monopoly Fraud business, all that POWER was exclusively spent on making Solar Panels, how much would electricity cost per Kilowatt/Hour now?

What would the world be like if no one ever had to work another minute to pay for transportation fuel, home heating fuel, and every single business that requires fuel, POWER, no longer had to add that cost to the price of what they sell?

What, instead of spending all that POWER on destroying things to keep the Money Monopoly Fraud Power secure, was instead spent on making more POWER out of less POWER?

"I don’t know what short sale, selling short, is. I don’t even know what people say it is."

In that case DOLLARS are being sold. Dollars are being sold, and sold short.

You have dollars, you don't want them, you sell them short, you bet on the dollars becoming worthless. I think that is the general idea of selling short.

The whole mess is confused ONLY because people insist on using the one Money called dollars, and that BRAIN WASHING is done by way of a NATIONAL DEBT psychosis/pathology/narcissism FRAUD.

Ohhhhhhh, I need money.


I need money.

Here have some gold.

Noooooooooo I need money.

Here have some silver.

Noooooooooooo I need money.

Here have some Solar Panels.

Noooooooooooo I need money.

Here have some worthless green paper with numbers printed on it.



Did I die and wake up in the Body Snatchers movie?

"So are you saying the shale oil production and new drilling in Texas is, in part, a diversion targeted at solar energy and electric cars because those ideas are becoming too powerful?"

The story was told and I don't know how true it was, and it concerned a 3 Term Presidency for Obama, so I don't put much weight in it.

I do know that the Central Bankers (Legal Criminals) cause small booms and small busts on a schedule, to keep the victims guessing, while the general trend is, for America, BUST, while the general trend for Asia, is BOOM.

So an Oil Shale boom in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) sounds perfectly reasonable, a few years of counterfeit economic growth, throw in a lot of false advertizements on the Major brainwashing networks, and people feel better, feel safe, and the wars appear to be distant, and the TSA may be backed off too, who knows?

I don't.

The principle is that POWER does not arrive from nowhere, so if there is a small boom, it is powered by something other than pieces of paper or zeros on a hard drive in some official computer.

Wars cost a lot of actual power, so where does it come from, there are young men and women, they are consumed, what else?








What if all that new wealth, POWER, taken from the ground as oil, here in America, is not spent fighting the wars to keep the oil from being sold, keeping oil scarce in the Middle East, and that power is spent here at home making Solar Panels, Electric Cars, and Modular Green House Farming Units, for sale, at cost?

What happens if the demand for oil goes way down because people are driving electric cars powered by the sun?

No one can then get exited about sending their boys and girls off in uniforms to die or kill to make oil prices lower?

"Can you make enough energy thru solar panels to charge an electric car?"

The standard procedure has been such that an investor will buy enough Solar Panels to make enough POWER during the day to cover all the power they will use during the night AND during the day, so if the standard procedure includes the consumption of electricity in a car, then more Solar Panels are added to the total required number of Solar Panels to cover consumption.

Why are people not adding more Solar Panels and then selling the excess at competitive prices?

Brain dead?

The answer is that they are, and that is a new marketing strategy whereby a person calls up someone and then they pay that someone less per month, each month, for electricity compared to their current electric bill.

You call a Solar Panel company, they say yes, and you now have Solar Panels on your house, and you pay less per month for the same electricity.

The Solar Panel seller is loaning the money, placing Solar Panels on the house, and having the buyer pay back the loan at a monthly rate that is less than the current electric bill.

How can the be possible?

It helps to do the math.

"Or do we need an influx of competition making a better and better product which will be prevented by the shale oil boom?"

I think that one of the reasons why a World War is necessary, and America has to be gutted, taken down, is the new age of FREE ENERGY, which is not FREE ENERGY, it is Cost-Less-Power.

Already Oil Power is Cost-More-Power.

So the Oil Age is on the way out.

Oil has been the backing for The Dollar Hegemony.

Now what do they do?

Now that their Oil Age is waning, now what?

Allow a Free Market Competitor, or two, or three, to take over?

No, that won't be allowed, so it is time to hit the reset button.

"Is that like hedge betting? Maybe those people are hoping for monetary disaster so the gold will be worth more? So do those people try to make monetary disaster happen?"

Yes, join them.

That is the tune. They, or we, know that we are aiding, contributing, making, causing, driving, escalating, fueling, disaster, betting on disaster, but we do it anyway, because we are going to win, relatively speaking, and we have a lot of money to keep safe, so we are finding how to keep a lot of money safe. If we have a lot of money.

Do we have a lot of money?

The Federal Reserve Top of the Pyramid Dog, Top Dog, can write a check for as much money as everyone else combined. He does not have to worry about keeping his money safe, he has to keep the victims stupid.

I don't have that problem. Most people, some 90% of the population of the planet, do not have that problem.

If power was abundant, then power would not be scarce for 90% of the population of the planet, and power would not be something that has to be kept under lock and key by 10% of the population, or less.

About 50% of the population, it seems to me, roughly, are duped into thinking that they too, are among the rich, when in fact, they are merely expendable game pieces, doing useful things, things needed to keep the Money Monopoly Fraud oiled up.

Who makes all the bombs?

How much are they paid?

Here is a story:

My mother, who is dying, has a friend who is paid some 16,000 Federal Reserve Notes, I'm not sure if I remember the number right, for playing cards at the local Army base, most of the time for a month, while they are out in the desert, and then it is "show time" and they pretend to be Iraqi citizens and the Troops pretend to be "spreading democracy" on them.

Some play dead.

Some play wounded.

Some play scared as hell.

Same play like they are being tortured.

I don't know if there is a bonus for a really good show, but I can ask. have someone joining them, everyone has joined em, if you use dollars, you are a member if the Union, but the level of "interest" is interesting.

I'm not as interested as someone with 2 million Federal Reserve Notes in a Federal Reserve Bank.

My heart is not as well invested into it.

My heart is not in it.

"How about that for a chapter title: If you can’t beat them join them and then discuss how joining them actually ruins power/abundance?"

A next step is to pick a pamphlet size, a size of the paper, which makes me think, since I have regular letter paper printers, so that will be a possible determining factor.

I like that as a title. Which is Chapter 1?

"Yah, what about that angle? Wouldn’t the person with solar panels become a target? But I suppose if everyone had them that would not be the case."

You have explained, right there, that which is genuine "democracy" or "mob rule" as the counterfeiters are apt to call it. One person alone is not much moral power, not against an army of organized criminals. If things get so bad that a person with Solar Panels is more valuable to the bands of roaming criminals than a person with gold, then the person with guns and bullets is more powerful than the person with Solar Panels.

Hedge your bets wisely?

Guns and bullets are no good if you don't know how to use them, or you are incapable of using them, or unwilling to use them.

"Are you calling me a fraud?"

Please no, I went on another rant, speaking too freely, not being very disciplined, so please excuse the moment on the soap box: I was not speaking to you directly.

"I do though want to maintain value of money. That does not mean that I want to play a market or buy and sell. It would only mean that if I have some money I might want to put it into something that would retain value."

All that talk about investing in Gold and Silver is talk that is of interest to people who have a lot of accumulated wealth, and my question to anyone with enough wealth to inspire an interest in finding a safe place for it, is how did you get all that power when power is so scarce these days?

Without prejudice.

I do not see any need to blame anyone who has a lot of honest earnings, so don't blame me for such a thing, because I didn't do that, and the question is along the lines of knowing friend from foe.

Was the POWER ill gotten gains or not, and that is a fair question.

Someone has to be financing the Military Industrial Money Monopoly Complex other than my tax payments, and I don't get anything in return, I don't even get the Social Security I thought was an insurance policy taken out on my behalf in the event that I got sick, which is what happened, and I went all the way to a judge, and the judge said, basically, don't call us we will call you.

They said no.

So tax now includes a very high insurance bill to pay medical bills, as if all those years I worked, paying insurance, were actually a lot of years "providing the means by which I suffer".

So who is getting rich off the wars?

Not me.

Not the troops, at least not the low level troops, which would be what, anyone Colonel or Captain level or lower?

No, you don't get the profits, you just get the bill.

Who get's the profits? It is a fair question?

So...having trouble keeping your ill gotten gains?

What did you expect?

It isn't my problem. I can sympathize with those who have a lot of honest earnings, but how much sympathy? How about advice instead?

Get a house in the country, build it half under ground, burmmed on three sides, facing south, get a bunch of Solar Panels, a fleet of Electric Cars, hire drivers to taxi and sell the cars, what is the problem?

How about Modular Green House Farming units? I hear that the soil is now deteriorating, being contaminated with aluminum and barium, for some strange, inexplicable, mysterious, reason.

Hedge baby hedge.

"Why not send her to a pawn shop or where ever you can get a few gold or silver coins to retain the value of her money?"

My daughter was given a strong will, through genetics, but she also went to brain washing centers for a lot of years, so she is misdirected one way, and I offer advice, and she is 18 now, and so the power struggle is what it is even if I don't like it.

At least she isn't joining the army to spread democracy.

Baby steps?

"Why does it have to be either/or? Why can’t it be both?"

It does not have to be either/or and that is the point, each moral person IS responsible, and each moral person, by definition, pays their own costs, going on their own authority, not mine.

"So my $100 just sits turning into less and less as each day goes by. What should I do?"

Again, and I think the passage that goes "give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's" applies. You are not even in the game, so those concerns (how much you can make money make money), do not apply, not unless you figure out how to supply a demand.

I think that there will be a demand for the information you are uncovering, so an investment now may actually be a book, and the accumulation of knowledge required to sell the book, but that makes sense to me, in the context of my present situation, along the same lines as learning how to work as a Common Law Lawyer, or run for office.

Tomato jars is the same thing.

You have scarce power in knowing better as to how to make more power out of less power, so what is the best investment of your scarce power now?

Figure out how to make more power out of less power?

Is that easy in principle and not so easy in practice?

"What should I do? Right now, I am doing nothing to preserve value."

Purchasing Power stored is a good idea, and I try to get my wife on board too, but we are currently undisciplined, both of us, that is our story.

I think Federal Reserve Notes aught to be stored somewhere for emergencies.
I think Gold and Silver aught to be stored somewhere for emergencies.
I think water, food, medical supplies, and fuel aught to be stored somewhere for emergencies.
I think guns and ammo and recent experience shooting at targets aught to be stored somewhere for emergencies.
I think that the most important power required, stored in your mind, is knowing that a fork in the road may arrive too soon and the right way has to be taken because the wrong way is too costly, and by that I mean that a person can become their own worst enemy if they are not prepared mentally for very challenging situations, where doing the wrong thing may appear to be an easy way out, including doing nothing.

Being a part of a family is a competitive investment - for example.

How do you manage to keep those individuals, power-less-alone, together, making more power out of less power?