Comment: Against the Neoliberals

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Against the Neoliberals

A little background on The Mont Pèlerin Society and the battle that took place to guide it's direction.

Mises Daily: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 by Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Against the Neoliberals


Here's an excerpt from a Lew Rockwell interview by Jedrzej Kuskowski for the Polish Libertarian Website Liberalis:

KUSKOWSKI: What do you think about the mainstream more-or-less libertarian groups, like neolibertarians, neoliberals, "Beltway libertarians," or "vulgar libertarians"? Is it better to treat them as part of the movement, or should we remain neutral, or maybe denounce and criticise them?

ROCKWELL: This phenomenon proves that libertarians are not immune to seduction by power. Indeed, there is a special premium that the State pays to libertarians who sell out. The State wants nothing more than to be seen as promoting liberty, so when libertarians assist in providing that cover, the State is pleased to oblige. It is, however, easy to tell the difference between the phony and real libertarians by observing their proximity to the centers of power.