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Comment: I hope not too reminicient

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I hope not too reminicient

That’s a good point, I'm sure we all remember what happened to hide Rumsfeld's ill-gotten gains that time, among other things. There is another decade worth of scandals to bury, and some really juicy ones.
Petreas' is the sheep (no matter how bad he might be) in the joke "a wolf, a lion and a sheep discuss what's for dinner"
The things the MSM tries so hard to lead us away from, are likely the most salient points of a situation, and when they reach a conclusion, you can bet it’s as far from the truth as it can be. I keep an eye on the MSM, just so I know what NOT to believe. ;) This situation has NOTHING to do with his affair, which was known about since before he got the job.
Your right, I just hope not too right.
Check out James Corbett for more information on this topic, and others, he caught the Lockheed story.

Just open the box and see