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Food for thought

It’s being unquestioningly repeated on various fake alternative sites that shall go unnamed (Prison Planet) that Hostess Brands Inc. went under taking their Twinkies with them, due to the big bad evil unions. Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn went on NBC and promptly declared that they just couldn’t weather yet another nationwide strike. The war on the middle class continues. Any opportunity for big business to demonize and further marginalize organized labor and collective bargaining is readily jumped upon by the petty bourgeoisie. Unfortunately these ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims will go unexamined by our “alternative’ media honeypots like Prison Planet for example.
Here’s the real story: The Unions gave and gave and gave… it was General Electric, Monarch Alternative Capital and Silver Point Capital that ate your Twinkie.
Hostess Brands Inc. struck a deal with their largest union, the Teamsters, this week. A smaller union called for a strike due to the fact that Hostess wanted to cut their wages and benefits AGAIN this past September. They had already stopped paying into their pension plan last year.

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