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To say that Muslims are Nazi

To say that Muslims are Nazi because the Muslim Brotherhood is Nazi, is completely bogus. Wuld be the same as:

Muslim Brotherhood=Muslims
Muslim Brotherhood=Nazis

Muslim Brotherhood=Germans, therefore Germans must be Muslims...

The fault of this argument is that SOME radical Muslims are Muslim Brotherhood, and SOME radical Germans are Nazis, but Muslim does not equal Muslim Brotherhood just as German does not equal Nazi.

Muslim does not equal Nazi.

The Nazis did not discriminate against who they killed, based upon religion, they killed of all religions, based upon WHETHER OR NOT YOU SUPPORTED OR OPPOSED NAZISM. The "Jews" have used the Nazis to create this Holocaust, just as they tried unsuccessfully to do in WWI, when the fact is the Nazis killed of all religions/beliefs that opposed their own. If you were not with them, then you were against them, and a target.

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