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You haven't seen anything.

You haven't seen anything.

One of the main french trade union receives more than 30% of its revenue from government SUBSIDES (tax payer money).

It didn't take long for fraud schemes to settle down :

("subventions" is the french for "subsides")

"Some members enjoy more committee benefits at Montreuil than others. The elected CGT, minority staff of the mayor, are those who benefit most from the committee social work grant at Montreuil.

In 18 months, 4 elected CGT persons spent 153,024 euros for family travel at the expenses of the committee allocated grants. An elected CGT has even paid himself at the expense of taxpayers, 10 trips in 2009 (Egypt, Morocco ...), 9 in 2010 (Kenya, Crete ...) and 8 in the last 6 months (Quebec, Méribel, Thailand ...) for a total cost of 44,000 euros."

Welcome to the wonderful socialist world and its statist RENT-SEEKING :

Oh, and I forgot to mention :

Montreuil is just ONE CITY where that union has "business", and in A SUBURB of Paris.

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