Comment: I see what you're getting at

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I see what you're getting at

but anti semitism towards jews has been at least as prevalent as anti Muslim sentiments. I was born in 1969 and heard all the jokes about jews growing up and never a one about muslims. I didn't even know what a muslim was really, until the mid 80's. I knew what a jew was from the time I can remember being in 1st grade.

If I was in my 20's I may wonder the same thing you are wondering, had I not the experiences I've had.

I also believe that people in America didn't really care so much about Jews dying in WW2 until the Nazi invaded France and started lobbing missiles at Britain. Or until the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor (thanks FDR). Similar to Lincoln and his supposed freeing of the Slaves, no one cared until they weren't getting as many freebies from the missing taxes.