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Comment: I think if we can get 20-25% of the population to see reality...

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I think if we can get 20-25% of the population to see reality...

we can take advantage of the ensuing financial collapse.

In the long term, socialist forms of government will always fail (for one) because they rely on the omniscience of the ruling oligarchy. Just like monarchies, oligarchies have better rulers at certain times than others. Some may even be likeable, but they can only slow the inevitable collapse. Further, Socialist Man will never be fully realized (IMO). Recently, I was watching a documentary on Netflix named Khodorkovsky where one of the former leaders of the Russian company Yukos openly said that one of the major reasons the nation fell was because - no one gave damn while they were at work (paraphrasing).

Going further, even if political change were achieved, it would only be temporary. Eventually, the power-mongers would once again infiltrate simply due to their unquenchable lust to control other people. Jefferson realized this - hence his statement that essentially said that revolution would be occasionally necessary to preserve liberty.

Up to this point in time, humanity has been guided by various philosophies (which all leave wide openings for tyranny). I would be curious to see the world after a philosophical revolution based on the non-aggression principle. Governments and traditions are the only impediments, but we're closer now than ever.