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I want to start a site,

I have owned the domain for some time now (years). I haven't done the project yet. Here's the general idea, which I formed before but that has a great model so by mentioning it, I reduce the description.

Basically, it's a where the projects are laws to challenge.

People could contribute donations to a specific project, which would have a threshold to surpass to begin work, and might need additional rounds of donations depending on variables of the courts (the threshold would likely be "fluid" based on outcomes of previous challenges; I'm not a legal expert).

Since challenging a law requires one to have "standing", we would need to seek out those who have broken laws and are begin prosecuted for them. I think it would be counterproductive to hire people to break the laws that we want to challenge, as it could ruin the organization.

This was inspired by a book on ridiculous laws, I forget the title; one law was "bees can't fly less than six feet off the ground" which was an end-run around a zoning law for a bee-keeper. They instead passed a ridiculous law and drove him out of town with fees, because he was the only keeping those bees. And now we have this cruft on our legal code.

I come from a software background, and I like the code under which my programs run to be as bug-free as possible, and run with minimal overhead. For the legal code to contain such cruft means that our society is not running as bug-free as possible, or with minimal overhead, because enforcing these ridiculous laws costs money, which must be extracted from the taxpayers in order to pay government officials to enforce them.

Corporations would likely donate as well; for instance, bee-keepers might want to donate to challenge that law. It's a somewhat silly example, as it's not a huge economic challenge to them (I wrote it because it was what inspired my thinking on this, years ago). A better example would be liquor licenses, which in my town I have heard are $300,000 which is solely due to a government-run monopoly of forced scarcity. There are only so many "allowed" per town, which increases their value. It also decreases liberty, unconstitutionally as far as I can tell. It is a form of prohibition. Liquor companies might support this challenge, as it would mean increased sales for them as more competing bars and restaurants would be affordable, due to the cost of the license going down.

Many more examples, but this is what I want to do. If anybody would be willing to help I would appreciate it. I think the time is right. I've had the domain for several years but I only awoke this past summer.

I'll need attorneys as well. (Perhaps I should reach out to Judge Napolitano?) I know I can't do this alone; I'll need help organizing as well. Anyway, some random thoughts for a Sunday evening. :)

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