Comment: Black Africans ended up

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Black Africans ended up

Black Africans ended up slaves for the same reason we are slaves now: They were outgunned. Back then, Massa Slavetrader had guns, they had spears. Now, Massa Gommiment has all kinds of cool kit, while even most of those amongst us who claim to be "pro 2nd amenment" seem content to be "allowed" to own a semi automatic popgun, without access to ammo capable of even denting the body armor Massa Gommiment's lackeys are fond of wearing.

The Jews, "liberals" in Germany just as they generally are here, were in the same situations in the 30s and 40s. Heck, why not exterminate them? They're pretty easy targets, not likely to have much to shoot back with.

For all of Israel's supposed evils, at least many of her resident's seem to finally have figured that one out.