Comment: The main reason the Nazi's

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The main reason the Nazi's

The main reason the Nazi's are viewed as such evil people, is that they lost a war against most of the Western world. The "killing jews" meme is just something catchy sounding to hang the hatred of the guy who attacked "us" on.

Similar to the fairytale about the "South" being evil for having slaves, and the North being nice enough to come rescue them in the War between the States.

In all wars, each side likes to propagandize that the enemy is some sort of extraordinary evil force. Just listen to the nonsense spewed about poor village dwellers in Afghanistan and Pakistan these days.

In reality, The Nazi government was evil for the exact same reason every government is evil; because they are the darned government, and use that as an excuse to use aggression against people. Exactly which algorithm they use to pick who they choose to use aggression against, is just some silly trifle detail.

That last paragraph is important, because whenever some government feels it's legitimacy is getting shaky, claiming there is someone singularly evil out there that they either did (Hitler), or are in the process of (Bad Muslim virgins who don't dress like sluts) protecting us against, is how they try to get us to accept them.

While in reality, there are no such things as good governments and evil governments. They're all evil. The only difference is between big governments and small ones.