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Dont you get it? Hostess

Dont you get it? Hostess filed for bankruptcy precisely because they would not be able to make a profit if they met the demands of their union workers. Those workers wereunder the mistaken impression that they had a RIGHT to a certain pay scale, that they had a RIGHT to a certain benefits package, that they had a RIGHT to a job. Hostess got tired of their crap and proved them wrong on all counts. The fact is...if you feel you are worth go and tell your boss...if he take your services elsewhere and let him fill your place with someone else...if you were right he will now have a worse employee. The fact is any employer worth his salt will pay more to retain the services of a hard working competent employee...they are few and far between these days....the market get paid what the market deems you are worth....union forced pay raises are a distortion of the market.

P.S. I am actually a union worker....but I will not strike unless it is justified(I havent found a situation yet that it was, but there are some true rat bag companies and situations it would be justified...I just dont believe it was in the case of hostess...they sat down with the union reps...told them what was happening and the steps they would have to take to survive...the union reps thought they were lying and called Hostess's bluff...only it wasnt a bluff. They have no one to blame but themselves.)