Comment: My father did the same. He drug me to Catholic Church.

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My father did the same. He drug me to Catholic Church.

I quit just as early as I was allowed and never went back. I thought it to be cold, repetitive, and I wasn't buying it. I went to a Jesuit College for a couple years and learned much. (nothing of the religious nature) They were about the best teachers I ever had. I transferred out and finished elsewhere though.

Unfortunately, ruler know they can appeal to men's religious sense and their nationalistic sense, and they do. Fighting for freedom and humanitarian reasons are the new tricks they use. If it was not for these reasons most would not be enticed into it. In a simpler time they were rewarded with booty from the vanquished. Now that booty is reserved for some special interest group.

The are of warfare was in interesting book. Let us know what you think please, in your such eloquent style. There is a ton of free Rothbard in text and audio now. I listen while I am doing other stuff. He was absolutely brilliant.

Thanks for the topic. So far it has only gotten minimal downvotes. It is pretty right on though.