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That's what you're going to use

to try to prove the Bible doesn't predict the return of the Israelites to Palestine and the reforming of the nation of Israel? The fellow who did the documentary doesn't even believe what he is supposedly trying to support in an effort to refute a belief he doesn't understand.
There are literally dozens of Bible verses that predict the return of the Jews and the restoration of Israel in Palestine. It happened in 1948. Human beings had no way of knowing that on their own 2,000-3,000 years ago. Whether or not we agree with Israel carving out its own country and running over the Palestinians is completely irrelevant to what the Bible has to say about the restoration of Israel.
"But, I don't believe the Bible."
Well, that didn't stop the Bible from being accurate as far as the country of Israel is concerned. I can choose to believe the story of the Puritans landing at Plymouth is a myth, that doesn't change history.