Comment: Your focus on Hitler

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Your focus on Hitler

and the assumption that he only killed (or primarily killed) Jews says it all. Little to no attention is ever given to all the non-Jews who were persecuted and killed (by all sides) in WW2. The Holocaust™ is the only thing ever considered important. Funny thing is, the Holocaust™ would have "happened" with or without Hitler. It had to "happen", in order to establish Israel and to get Jews to accept it, because the Torah prophesies that six million Jews must perish before the state of Israel can be created.

As early as 1900, articles were already being published claiming that six million Jews had died in a "holocaust" and begging for money and land (Palestine) for the survivors. Some even claimed that it was the Russians who were "planning a Final Solution" for the Jews:

Had Hitler never persecuted the Jews, he would probably be viewed as no worse than Stalin or Mao today, and the swastika wouldn't be considered a symbol of hate. WW2 re-enactors could play the role of Werhmacht soldiers without removing historical insignia or continuously explaining that they don't condone racism or genocide. Maybe the toothbrush mustache might still be around. But nothing would really change on a grand scale. The Zionists would have in all likelihood found a way to forge a Holocaust™ anyway, Israel would still have been created, we would still have the same propaganda and the world would still feel the same towards Muslims as it does today.