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not the solution

The solution isn't to allow them to win by refusing to work for them, and in doing so, starving ourselves.

The solution is to go individual, local, private and more productive than they are. To outcompete them with our own companies that are NOT based in debt. To avoid using any company we don't need and then replace the ones we need with highly efficiency ones that raise the profit levels and pass the savings on to the people.

In today's environment, you simply can't gather any 'nationwide' movement to strike. People need their income too much. But if a few people put together a more profitable and better quality company than a given mega-corp, the masses would have an alternative but more importantly, they would choose the new one due to nothing more than price.

This can even be done much easier. All we have to do is creatively finance a few companies so they don't have interest or shareholders that rob their profits all the time. Cutting that from their budgets would be a huge jump in profit margin but once it took off, word of mouth would replace the need for marketing, sales and even some other expenses. It would become material, labor and revenue. Let's see the big boys compete with that.