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As a general rule of thumb,

As a general rule of thumb, in life, I try to refrain as much as possible from making too much speculations, especially re: negative topics ...

"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best."

... plus, as dear wife says, you can only emotionally afford to go down the rabbit hole as much as you can keep going on with your life positively otherwise.

My guess is TPTB is going to try keep it (the fiat money status quo, though with increasing inflation rates and taxes) lingering around as long as possible, we can most certainly expect that, during and after this end of year festivities...

But as the signs of the crashing Dow Jones, Nasdaq, et al., accumulate, breed, and become overwhelmingly difficult to hide further from the people even with an accomplice MSM in QX (fiscal quarter) 2013 -without being grotesquely contradicted otherwise by people talking on the WWW-, uncle Ben's printing press pace of functioning will literally explode, exponentially, with announced, or not, QE4, 5, 6, etc.

Or will it be 2014, 2015 ?

I have hard times believing in something major NOT happening before 2016. But time will tell, as always.

We'll probably be leaving our current "kook status" for good when the MSM itself cannot but report about really SERIOUSLY BAD global markets news and/or U.N.-driven talks about One World Fiat Currency getting more and more concrete... Then, yes, that'll be Weimar times again, disguised or not, for the USD.

Either way, we know already for sure how much gold and silver will be craved for. Tremendously. No matter what uncle Ben thinks, you just cannot throw away the milleniums-long mankind wisdom in seeing gold and silver as one of the few forms of actual, divisible, liquid, portable assets and money. The PMs ounce rate/spot price in USD, assuming it'd be still in existence, is just a rather silly distracting detail to talk about for now.

Because, on this end anyway, I merely trust the expression "paradigm shift" used in the 2nd video to be taken ...


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius