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The border is a line. It

The border is a line. It isn't property because it has no width. Property has dimensions.

"Violating our national sovereignty is aggression."

Meaningless. If the law is not designed to prevent or punish real, actual aggression, then it's not a just law. Which is also my response to your next point. You could use these same arguments against any victimless crime.

"Refusal to learn our common language is agggression."

By itself it isn't. It's completely possible to survive without knowing English here, and without government support or use of force against other people. My great grandmother (who was Italian) never learned English and she got by fine (my great grandfather supported the family) without welfare or anything like that. I do support making English the official language of government functions, but I have no desire to inject that mandate onto private affairs. And you do realize most Hispanics speak English, even if it's not their first language and/or perfect?

"Working off the books is aggression."

What? I'm a libertarian, I don't think government has a right to micromanage business affairs, and I don't think the income or payroll taxes should exist. Call it what you want, but this is an Orwellian use of the term "aggression"

"Creating disturbances in our public schools is aggression."

Define "disturbances?" Kids who disrupt and cause trouble should be dealt with regardless of whether they're immigrants, or what their race is. If you mean "they don't know English" then I would say that there are far greater issues with public schools, especially considering those in places without large numbers of immigrants aren't exactly thriving. Way too many administrators, powerful teachers unions, bad methods, no competition, etc are far bigger problems. And you can educate non-English speakers without burdening everyone else as long as you do it right.

"Overburdening our hospitals is aggression."

That overburdening wouldn't have anything to do with CON laws, licensing laws, and various regulations and mandates that restrict the health care industry? Funny how in every other industry, supply expands to meet demand

"Insisting that the citizens of our nation pay for education of non-citizens is aggression."

It's also aggression when citizens do it to other citizens. Same thing with your next point

"Saying that American citizens should leave our homeland and go to Europe,Asia,Africa and India because your race "owns" this continent is aggression."

Nowhere near a majority of Hispanics think this. Again, do you actually know Hispanics or do you stereotype them based on random Internet ramblings of paranoid nutjobs?